Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stowe?

Our mission is to provide cheap and easy storage in urban areas. We do this by connecting people that have any spare space with people that are looking for space to store their belongings. For example, we are currently focusing on students who have to leave their room over the term holidays by letting them store with other students in the local community.

How do I book a storage space?

To book a storage space go back to the map on the home page. Enter your location, select a drop-off date and select one of the storage providers closest to you. You can get into contact with the storage provider and agree on a price. You can then pay directly on our platform and start storing.

Who can provide storage space?

Storage is provided by the community around you. This includes families with an extra room for storage or simply a student flat with a spare corner. All storage providers have been verified by us.

How do I pay?

After selecting the storage provider you want to store with you can file a ticket directly on our platform; you will then receive a payment request on our messenger platform. Payment is processed with bank-grade security. The storage provider will be paid half of the agreed price in the beginning of the storage period and will be paid in full once you have picked up your belongings again and confirmed you have received them.

Can I contact the storage provider before storing with them?

Yes, you will be able to message the storage provider you want to store with through our platform. This will enable you to agree on a price and an exact drop-off time. You can of course, also ask any other questions you have in mind.

Is storing with Stowe safe?

Yes, every storage provider is carefully selected by Stowe. We check the ID of every storage provider and make sure that he/she is part of the local community. If you are a student, you may even find that many of our storage providers are students that study in the same university as you.

How much does booking a storage space cost?

Prices vary and can be negotiated with your selected storage provider. Normally prices range between £/$1-2 per day & per item. Overall, the average transaction on Stowe is 60% cheaper than the traditional storage locker - not to mention closer, safer, and simpler!

Can I get support?

Yes, you can get in touch with us via email -!

Why do I have to provide an ID?

Every storage provider has to provide ID for identification and in order to process payments. We do this for regulatory reasons and to ensure that using Stowe is safe.